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fuel dispenser DT-H Series

 Model Description:
   DT-F1121   1 Pump  1 Nozzle  2 Dispaly  1 Keyboard   1 Flow meter
   DT-F1221   1 Pump  2 Nozzle  2 Dispaly  2 Keyboard   1 Flow meter
   DT-F1222   1 Pump  2 Nozzle  2 Dispaly  2 Keyboard   2 Flow meter
   DT-F1242   1 Pump  2 Nozzle  4 Dispaly  2 Keyboard   2 Flow meter
   DT-F2222   2 Pump  2 Nozzle  2 Dispaly  2 Keyboard   2 Flow meter
   DT-F2242   2 Pump  2 Nozzle  4 Dispaly  2 Keyboard   2 Flow meter

Optional fittings:
1.Economical type:380V/220V Motor:0.75kw,Bennett pump,Bennett flowmeter,small nozzle boot,OPW nozzle
2. Luxury type: 380V/220V,Motor:0.75kw,Tatsuno gear pump or CP2 gear pump,Tansuono flowmeter or DTJ3 flowmeter,big nozzle boot,7H nozzle or ZVA nozzle
3.Speed-type: 380V/220V Motor:1.1KW  Big flow pump(140L),big flow flowmeter(140L),nozzle boot is optional,1” solenoid valve,big flow nozzle

■ Features
1. Adopting combination pump or separate pump、smaller shape and convenient maintenanc            2. Adopting painting-side for common type and stainless steel side for luxurious type.
3. Leading-static and Hihgly-hang oil pipe(inner-diameter φ 19mm,length 4500mm).
4. Features fueling as ration、  resetting by computer and redisplaying when power cut.
5. Big-size aluminium nozzle booter.
6. Submersible pump to be optional.
7. Flow meter features high precision and strong reliability.
8. Excellent  electromagnetic  compatibility  and  strongly anti-jamming.
9. Be capable of connectiong with central computer in gas station.
10.Conveniently combining and extending function.
11.To update IC card fuel dispenser.

■ Technical index and parameter
Ambient temperature: -25℃ ~ +55℃
Humidity: ≤95%
Max flow: 50L/min or 90 L/min(big flow)
Repeating error:≤0.15%
Inlet pressure: ≥54kPa
Outlet pressure: ≤0.3MPa
Power: 380V 50Hz (220V to be optional)
Noise: ≤80dB(A class)
Unit price range: 0.01 ~ 99.99
Single volume range: 0.01~ 9999.99
Accumulative volume  range: 0.01 ~ 9999999999.99
Explosion-proof certifcate: CNEx09.1422
Explosion-proof sign: Exdm [ib] ib Ⅱ AT3


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